The Critical First Step in Getting a California Apostille

To save yourself a lot of time and money when ordering a birth certificate, marriage certificate or death certificate that you will be using to obtain a California apostille, make sure you order it from the county clerk and ask for a certified copy “for an apostille.” Many people try to use the wrong version of the birth, marriage or death certificate, one that is not signed by the County Clerk, and it ends up being rejected and you have to start from scratch.

If you have a non-vital record (not a birth, marriage or death certificate) being apostilled , it will first need to be notarized by a California notary (except for Certificates of Incorporation) before it can be authenticated by the CA Secretary of State.

Contact California Apostille Agents at or 310-526-8419 once you have your certificate ready and we can help you with the rest, especially if you are in a rush.