The 6 Steps of Our Apostille Process

Getting An Apostille

  1. We’ll Make Sure You Have the Correct Type of Document for a California Apostille. For vital records such as CA birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates, it must be a “certified” long-form certificate signed by the local county clerk or registrar where the certificate  originated or the State Registrar’s Department of Health Services. Your birth, marriage or death certificate should be an 8-1/2 x 11, pink-and-blue document with a blue Certification of Vital Record/State of California heading. If it is a non-vital record, such as a power-of-attorney document or an affidavit attached to something like a copy of a diploma, it will likely need to be notarized first (only a couple Secretary of State documents don’t need to be notarized). If it was already notarized, we will need to review it to make sure it was notarized properly. It is very helpful if you can send a scan or clear phone photo of the document (if more than one page, especially the page with the  county/clerk registrar signature or notary section). We can also notarize the document ourselves by meeting you (or the signer) at your/their location or somewhere in the middle (a mobile/traveling fee will need to be quoted).
  2. Provide Us with the Details about You and Your California Apostille Project. By phone or, preferably, by email (at please provide the following details:
 Your full name, phone number (cell preferred), address, the country the document(s) is/are going to be submitted to, any deadline we need to be aware of, confirmation that any vital record such as a birth/marriage or death certificate is certified by a California County Clerk  (see #1 above) or properly notarized if not a vital record (or we can notarize the signer), number of apostilles you need. We will confirm at this time that you have the right type of document, and your total fee and payment options.
  3. Once Your Documents Have Been Reviewed Over the Phone or Via Email, You Can FedEx the Document(s), Bring Them to Us or Have Them Picked Up Within LA (for an additional fee to be determined based on your location). Our mailing address is: California Apostille Agents, 2202 S. Figueroa St., #111, Los Angeles, CA 90007 …BUT PLEASE DO NOT SEND DOCUMENTS TO US without document approval and advising us of the arrival date and time of day). Keep the tracking number for any shipment coming to  us and email it to us. If paying by money order, please attach it with a paper clip and have it made out to California Apostille Agents. It is also important to include a cover letter or note with your name, phone number and the country the document is going to.
  4. We Submit the Document to the Secretary of State.
  5. We Pick Up the Apostilled Document at the Secretary of State.
  6. We Return the Completed, California-Apostilled Document to You, either via FedEx (to be quoted separately) or if you want to have us to meet you at your location or meet us somewhere mutually convenient, we can quote you a mobile delivery fee.