Los Angeles Location

Los Angeles apostille locatioin

While we provide California apostilles for clients in every city, state and country, we’re able to give personal attention to our Los Angeles, CA and Los Angeles-adjacent neighbors.

We make getting a CA apostille in Los Angeles quick and easy. We can arrange to meet you at your Los Angeles home or office location or if you are busy or outside Los Angeles or California (or within LA but trying to avoid the infamous traffic), you can FedEx your documents to us. Here is the process to Fedex your documents:

All documents sent to us for California Apostille processing must be shipped to us in the following manner:

  1. Documents must be sent by FedEx Express or FedEx Ground only; any US Mail or UPS packages or any other delivery service will be refused at the address provided below.
  2. You or a FedEx agent must type in the following address as the ship-to address:
    David Ransom
    California Apostille Agents
    1149 S. Hill Street
    Suite H150
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
    213-999-4176Always include a phone number on a FedEx shipment. The phone number mentioned in this address block above is California Apostille Agent’s phone number (not FedEx’s), so we get notified by FedEx when it arrives. 
  3. Documents must be processed at Fedex or on FedEx.com as a “Special Handling/Hold at FedEx location” package delivery, so you must indicate that in the FedEx airbill’s “Special Handling” section. It’s easy to do: just tell a FedEx customer service person that you are sending it as a “Hold  at FedEx location” package. If you are preparing the shipment yourself on fedex.com, the 1149 S. Hill Street address below will pop up as an option when you select “Hold for FedEx location” under the “Special Handling” section of the airbill online form (as long as you or the FedEx agent has typed in the full name, address and phone number noted above under #2 in the ship-to section). Please select that S. Hill St. address as the option.
  4. Please send us an email at: apostille.david@gmail.com to notify us of your shipment.

(HOWEVER, we must approve your documents over the phone or via email before they are sent to us. Many documents are not ready for us yet, are not the required version of the document or have notary issues that may need to be resolved before they are shipped).

We can set up a time and place to meet if you prefer an in-person handoff of your documents (we are on the road typically, so we can figure out a mutually convenient location, but there would be a reasonable mobile travel fee that has to be quoted to you once a location is determined).

We have easy access to the Secretary of State’s Los Angeles Apostille office to get your CA Apostilles completed quickly.

NY Apostille Note: If you are looking for a NY Apostille, you can contact Manhattan Mobile Notary & Apostille at 917-693-3692, email manhattanmobilenotary@gmail.com or click here NY Apostille to get to this website.