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I am the owner of California Apostille Agents and an expert in the field of expediting apostilles.

CA Apostille Agents Is Here to Help During the Pandemic

We are working hard to maintain our CA apostille services for you during this troubling time. We will make every effort to keep both you and our apostille agents safe by wearing a mask, keeping at least 6 feet away at all times, minimizing contact with your possessions and taking payment electronically. We hope we can help you with all your California notary and apostille needs when you need our assistance. Take care.

We’re Bi-coastal for All Your CA and NY Apostille Needs

California Apostille art for NY Apostille Service

We provide Apostilles in both California and NY.
California Apostille Agents docs in NY

IF YOU’RE IN NEW YORK CITY TO VISIT or are moving there and need your document notarized and apostilled or you’re in California or NY and have a certified copy of a NYC Vital Record (such as a NYC Birth Certificate*, NYC Death Certificate* or NYC Marriage Certificate) or a business corporate document, such as a NY State Certificate of Incorporation, that requires a NY Apostille, we can help. You can contact our sister company Manhattan Mobile Notary & Apostille by emailing or by calling 917-693-3692. We can also visit you at your location for a notary-only document or project. You can view the details about this company at You will find the same expertise there as our notaries and apostille agents have at California Apostille Agents.

*Please Note: You will need to have a “NYC Letter of Exemplification” for the NYC Birth and Death Certificates for us to obtain an NY Apostille. If you don’t have that already, you would have to go to to order a new NYC birth or death certificate and check off “Apostille/Authentication” as the reason you need it in order to receive the Exemplification Letter (even though they don’t mention the letter at all on the site).

CA Apostille Agents Can Obtain U.S. Apostilles for Your FBI Background Checks and IRS Certificaton Docs

In addition to CA Apostilles for your California-notarized or certified documents, we also work closely with the US Apostille offices to obtain US Apostilles for federal documents like FBI background checks and IRS Good Standing Certificates. Contact California Apostille Agents at 213-999-4176 or to obtain more information about next steps.

CA Apostille Agents Welcomes the Philippines to the Apostille Hague Convention in May 2019

The Philippines is the latest country to join the Hague Convention of 1961 that allows the use of the California Apostille for legal documents that require certification when being used in their country. This eliminates the need for us to go through the extra step of processing your documents through the Philippines consulate in California for certain legal documents being used in their countries. Contact California Apostille Agents at 213-999-4176 or by email at for all your notary and apotille needs.

10 Ways to Ensure That Your CA Notarization Goes Smoothly Before It Is Apostilled

There are few things to keep in mind when getting a document notarized:

  1. Make sure you, or whoever the signer is, has photo ID that covers all parts of your name that are included on the document.
  2. Make sure the signer will be present/in front of the notary at the time of the notarization. (In most cases, the signature also needs to be signed in front of the notary as well, so it’s better to wait to sign and date the document in front of the notary as well).
  3. Make sure your signer is lucid and can communicate directly with the signer in the same language, where no translation is needed.
  4. If the signer has any kind of issue with his or her signing hand, you should discuss that in advance with the notary.
  5. Be sure your signer is lucid and can explain what he or she is signing.
  6. Make sure your notary has the latest California-approved notary language. It gets updated somewhat frequently. Should have a bar at the top that discusses how the notarization only identifies the identity of the signer and not the accuracy or validity of the document.
  7. If document provides a notary section for the notary to complete, be sure there is enough room provided in the notary section for the notary to write in your name.
  8. If the notary section specifies a title for the signer, the signer should have some proof of that capacity in writing.
  9. It’s best to have an extra copy of the document with you in case anyone makes a mistake (or be able to print another one easily from your home or office or from a nearby Fedex or Staples store).
  10. If your name is pre-printed on the document, be sure it is spelled correctly.

Guyana becomes Apostille-member country and makes South America fully apostille-country continent

With Guyana recently joining the Hague Convention of 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, documents can now be apostilled in California and throughout the US instead of going through the cumbersome legalization process that involves going through the Guyana’s consulate authentication system.

Obtaining Certified Copies of Your Documents Is Frustrating Experience in CA and Most States


Every day in California (and all over the rest of the US), thousands of people are asked to obtain a “certified copy” of their passport or drivers license (as proof of their identity) or a utility bill (as proof of their address) by having it “certified or notarized” by a CA notary public or other state notary. These certified copies are typically needed for business or government domestic or international transactions. These requests often come from other countries outside the US where this request is commonplace.

Unfortunately, almost all US states, including California, do not allow notaries do carry out this much-needed task and this policy creates a great deal of chaos. The notary has to explain to the person requesting it that they can have the person on the copied document make and sign a self-attesting statement that the copy is a true and correct photocopy (using the official form shown to the left) and then the notary can notarize that statement and signature.The notary cannot make the statement themselves that it is a true photocopy or true copy.  The signer will usually want to check with the receiving authority that they will accept this alternate method. The lawyers and bankers from the other countries often cannot understand why this is a such a problem here when they do it every day in their country for a multitude of customers. The receiving authority usually agrees to it as they don’t really have much choice, but it is quite a hassle and can be quite time-consuming to resolve. These notarized documents also usually require a CA apostille when being sent to another country (or state dept certification if not going to an apostille country), when notarized by a CA notary.

This then begs the question, why can’t CA notaries and other state’s notaries be given the authority to compare a copy and an original and certify that it is a true copy? Notaries are public officials sworn to take oaths of signers and acknowledgements and are given a great deal of responsibility to identify signers. Why couldn’t they be given the added responsibility to carry out this task? There is a giant vacuum in this area as thousands of organization around the world need these certified copies for a large variety of transactions and, yet, there is no one designated to carry out this much-needed task in most states in the US. It’s time US or state government officials stepped up and instilled some common sense into this broken system and made this right.


Bolivia Becomes Apostille Country in 2018

Flag for BoliviaAs of May 27, 2018, Bolivia joined the Apostille Convention to help reduce the paperwork and bureaucracy of legalizing documents for use in that country. We can now provide a California apostille for your foreign-bound documents in a 2-step process (notarization and apostille at the CA State Department without the need to visit the Bolivian Consulate).


New California “Apostille” Causes CA-China Rift

“California disasters” are typically related to earthquakes, wildfires and mudslides, but the California Secretary of State has created a man-made disaster with a recent decision. Starting on January 1, 2017, they combined the CA Apostille (used for Apostille countries) and the Certification Certificate (used for non-apostille countries) into one certificate…and called it an “apostille” of all things! There is some confusing footnote on the new certificate that says “this certificate does not constitute an Apostille when it is presented to a country which is not a member of the Hague Convention,” which as clear as something Trump’s Kellyanne Conway or Sean Spicer would say.

As a result, we now have Washington DC’s Chinese Embassy in an international document dispute and stalemate with California’s Secretary of State over the new certificate as the embassy will not accept this revised certificate titled “Apostille,” since they are not an apostille country. Apostille companies dealing with Washington DC’s Chinese Embassy have documents piling up in their offices. California should come to their senses and quickly revise the form to more clearly represent an Apostille/Certification combo document. And maybe the California government could spend a little more time thinking of the possible consequences of their actions and getting some feedback from companies and government agencies that accept the certificate before doing something like this again.

Notarizations and Apostilles for Hollywood, West Hollywood and North Hollywood just an email or phone call away

Whether you need a Power of Attorney notarized and apostilled with a California Apostille for use in another country or a CA prenup agreement signed and notarized or have any other type of legal document for notarization, apostilles or authentications, we can help you.  We also have worked with a number of celebrities and we always keep the names and the circumstances completely confidential.