10 Ways to Ensure That Your CA Notarization Goes Smoothly Before It Is Apostilled

There are few things to keep in mind when getting a document notarized:

  1. Make sure you, or whoever the signer is, has photo ID that covers all parts of your name that are included on the document.
  2. Make sure the signer will be present/in front of the notary at the time of the notarization. (In most cases, the signature also needs to be signed in front of the notary as well, so it’s better to wait to sign and date the document in front of the notary as well).
  3. Make sure your signer is lucid and can communicate directly with the signer in the same language, where no translation is needed.
  4. If the signer has any kind of issue with his or her signing hand, you should discuss that in advance with the notary.
  5. Be sure your signer is lucid and can explain what he or she is signing.
  6. Make sure your notary has the latest California-approved notary language. It gets updated somewhat frequently. Should have a bar at the top that discusses how the notarization only identifies the identity of the signer and not the accuracy or validity of the document.
  7. If document provides a notary section for the notary to complete, be sure there is enough room provided in the notary section for the notary to write in your name.
  8. If the notary section specifies a title for the signer, the signer should have some proof of that capacity in writing.
  9. It’s best to have an extra copy of the document with you in case anyone makes a mistake (or be able to print another one easily from your home or office or from a nearby Fedex or Staples store).
  10. If your name is pre-printed on the document, be sure it is spelled correctly.